About ducks.party Internet Scanner Bot

Scanning Details

Usage and Purpose

The data collected by our web bot serves the purpose of identifying potential internet threats. Through analyzing this information, we assess the risk of various attacks, including phishing and scams. Suspicious URLs undergo further scrutiny by Netcraft using the Netcraft Report API. You can also find us at the Netcraft leaderboard with the nickname "ducksparty".

Project Motivation

This project is driven by our dedication to enhancing web security. We are not associated with Netcraft; our endeavors are focused on creating a safer online environment.

Non-Profit Project

Please note that this project is non-profit. Our goal is to contribute to internet security and safety without any commercial interests. Your contribution is very valuable to us. We appreciate your generosity and encourage you to donate at https://ducks.party/donate.

Open data

We do not publish data from our scanners for several reasons. Firstly, some data, such as zone files, is received directly from TLD registry operators and therefore we must comply with their ToS. Secondly, storing the vast amounts of data collected from our scanners, which visit hundreds of millions of websites every month, would be costly. Finally, publishing this data would require significant additional bandwidth consumption on our servers. We delete scanner data as soon as it is no longer necessary. However, we have published data from Unusable CT Logs, which can be downloaded and further explored at https://ducks.party/ct. In addition, subdomain statistics can be downloaded from https://ducks.party/subdomains.

Contact Us

If you have inquiries or wish to connect with the developer of the ducks.party, you can reach out via Telegram: t.me/nyuuzyou, or email: hello@ducks.party.